FREE ADVICE ON                     INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (IP) MATTERS                          IN MALAYSIA                                           NO CHARGES AT ALL!!! 

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It is noted that though IP has been long established in Malaysia, many Malaysians are still not aware of what IP is all about.

As for those who know what IP is, it seems that they immediately try to forget about IP, because as soon as they discover what IP is, the very next thing that comes along is the COSTS ..........that involves in handling their IP. This issue of "COSTS" totally scares them away................far, far away ...........

What they have failed to realize is that IP is actually an asset, which may generate income for them in the future, hence reimbursing them for the "COSTS" involved in protecting their IP.

However, before being involved in depth with IP, they may face many initial problems in handling their IP and they cannot keep running to experts as every query may involve COSTS!!!

So, we have created this website to specifically provide basic guidance and advices on IP matters in Malaysia, to those GENERAL INDIVIDUAL PUBLIC in Malaysia, who have problems in handling their IP but had been distanced far, far away due to issues of costs relating to IP...........absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!!!

Should you have any queries on IP in Malaysia, please feel free to contact us by sending us your query via the email we have stated herein and with God's grace, we will respond to you as soon as possible.

Having said the above, we wish to clearly notify you that the advices given are merely guidance to the initial path towards the solution to your IP problem. The advices may not relinquish you totally from the costs you may have to incur in actually protecting your IP. This is because, the advices are intended to give you some understanding as to what you should expect when you finally deal with an advocate and solicitor specializing in IP, when actually solving your IP problem. 

PLEASE TAKE NOTE that the advices given are NOT LEGAL ADVICES. Our advices are just to start you off on a proper path as to IP. You should consult an advocate and solicitor specializing in IP in Malaysia for the ultimate solution to your IP problem. 

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R Syahaadah IP Training & Consultancy

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Certified Professional Trainer (MPMA) - HRDF Registered.