Ms. Nisa is a holder of Master in Intellectual Property from the National University of Malaysia (UKM). She graduated with Bachelor of Law with Honours from the Mara Institute of Technology in 1996. She was one of the very few students in the University who had opted for the subject matter Intellectual Property (IP). Upon graduating, she commenced her pupilage and started a career life immediately thereafter with the legal firm, Messrs Allen & Gledhill. Since then, she has been pursuing her career by specializing in the field of IP. She passed the Patent Agent Examination conducted by the authority in charge of IP and became a registered patent agent in 1999.  


Ms. Nisa joined the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO), the very statutory body in charge of IP matters in Malaysia, as the Legal Officer in the year 2003. As the one and only Legal Officer of MyIPO (IPL 48) then, she attended to all legal matters in MyIPO particularly dealing with all the IP legislation and attending Courts on behalf of MyIPO in any suit against MyIPO especially appeals against the decisions made by the Registrars in MyIPO. She had set precedent on suit procedure for MyIPO. In addition, during her tenure at MyIPO, besides being involved actively in the reviewing of the IP legislation, Ms. Nisa also presented IP related papers in Seminars at both national and international levels. She has also given numerous talks and presentations on all IP subject matters to both government and non-government organizations, interested in IP.


Ms. Nisa left MyIPO in May 2009 and continued to be in the IP field, by lecturing the subject Industrial Designs in Malaysia to students of Master in Intellectual Property at UKM. She is currently a freelance Consultant on IP matters. She has been invited to give talks on IP at Companies, Radio and Universities. Due to her passion in IP, she has set up this website and provides advices on IP matters to all Malaysians on IP issues in Malaysia.


Based on the feedback obtained pursuant to this website and with her vast experience in the IP field extending to 17 years now, especially in dealing with the IP legislation in and out almost everyday, she has now decided to provide training on IP to Government agencies, Universities, Legal Firms and/or Companies in Malaysia which have begun to realize the great importance of IP in the daily running of their organization.


She has completed the Certified Professional Trainer Course (IPMA UK) which carries the right to use the designatory letters “MPMA”. She is able to “TRAIN” participants professionally and not merely “disseminate, lecture, teach” IP as per that which is being done by non-certified Trainers.

                                                                                                                             As at January 2014